Characterization method for chemical changes of HTPB (hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene) polyurethane adhesive interface unsaturated double bonds


The invention discloses a characterization method for chemical changes of HTPB (hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene) polyurethane adhesive interface unsaturated double bonds. The characterization method comprises the following steps: S1, using an HTPB polyurethane sample containing an adhesive interface and substances on both sides of the interface, packaging with paraffin, and slicing from the surface to the interior along a direction parallel to the interface; S2, removing the paraffin on slices, shearing the sliced samples, grinding and mixing with spectroscopically pure KBr, and testing transmissible infrared spectra; S3, integrating areas of characteristic absorption peaks and internal standard peaks of functional groups in the infrared spectra to obtain the content change of the unsaturated double bonds at different positions at different times based on changes of peak areas or peak intensities. By the characterization method, the change rule of the content of the functional groups along with the slicing positions and the aging time is studied and the aging reaction and the aging degree of each functional group of the HTPB polyurethane adhesive interface are analyzed; the characterization method is simple and effective, and has a positive meaning for accurately estimating the use and the shelf life of a material and explaining the change mechanism of the interface material.




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