Searching method and device



The invention provides a searching method and device. The searching method and device aim to solve the problems that an existing searching method is low in efficiency and high in waste of resources. The method comprises the steps of extracting the first N key words with the highest frequency of occurrence from target information released by target users to serve as target words and establishing an reverse index according to information on pages of the target users and the target words, wherein the reverse index includes target fields and page information fields; receiving a search word; searching for target users matched with the search word from the reverse index according to the search word; determining the relevancy between the matched target users and the search word according to the target fields and page information fields, sorting the matched target users according to the relevancy, and returning the matched target users. According to the searching method and device, searching of meaningless matching data is not needed during searching, searching efficiency is improved, and waste of resources is reduced.




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