Novel pollution-free excavator



The invention discloses a novel pollution-free excavator, and relates to the field of mechanical equipment. A bucket is arranged at one end of a bucket rod, the other end of the bucket rod is connected with one end of a movable arm, the other end of the movable arm is fixedly connected with an excavator platform, a motor is arranged on the excavator platform, the motor is connected with a hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders are arranged on the motor, the bucket rod and the movable arm respectively, an oil path control valve is arranged between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic cylinders, an operating chamber is arranged on the excavator platform, and the excavator platform is arranged on a trolley. The novel pollution-free excavator is simple in structure and convenient to operate, a power element of an internal combustion engine in the traditional technology is cancelled, pollution to workplaces is avoided, and the novel pollution-free excavator is suitable for being popularized and applied in the food processing industry.




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