Self-alignment duplex patterning method



The invention provides a self-alignment duplex patterning method. The method comprises the following steps: providing a material layer to be etched, forming a sacrificial photoresist layer on the material layer to be etched, curing photoresist at the top and side wall of the sacrificial photoresist layer to form a cured photoresist casing, performing back-etching on the cured photoresist casing at the top of the sacrificial photoresist layer until an uncured inner sacrificial photoresist layer is exposed, forming a first mask pattern on the cured photoresist casing on the side wall of the inner sacrificial photoresist layer, and removing the uncured inner sacrificial photoresist layer. As a hard mask layer is not required to form, the process procedures are reduced, and the impact of the stress generated by the hard mask layer on the profile of the sacrificial photoresist layer is eliminated. Besides, the first mask pattern is formed by removing the top of the cured photoresist casing, the side wall of the sacrificial photoresist layer formed by the photolithographic process is smooth and perpendicular to the surface of the material layer to be etched, and the side wall of the finally-formed etched pattern has a better profile.




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