Ardealite concrete and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses ardealite concrete and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of comprehensive utilization of ardealite. In the invention, ardealite is used as an admixture and partially replaces cement to prepare concrete. Every cubic meter of ardealite concrete comprises the following raw materials: 19.5-97.5kg of ardealite, 292.5-370.5kg of cement, 7.8-8.97kg of water reducing agent, 150-165kg of water, 880-960kg of sand and 870-960kg of stone. The preparation method comprises the following steps of firstly airing or drying the ardealite; grinding and classifying the ardealite to obtain ardealite powder with a particle size less than 80 microns and over 98% of particles; weighing the raw materials according to the mass, and stirring uniformly to obtain the ardealite concrete. The prepared ardealite concrete can meet the requirements for the technical indexes of C30 concrete, and the impervious performance thereof can meet the requirements of P12 impervious level. In the invention, a large quantity of ardealite can be utilized, and the problem of ardealite stockpiling is solved.




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