Detection method and detection system for three-dimensional pavement elevation grid numerical value



The invention provides a detection method and a detection system for a three-dimensional pavement elevation grid numerical value. The detection system comprises a measuring platform and a movable measuring trolley, wherein the measuring trolley can move along a lane, a sectorial laser transmitter and a planar array CCD (Charge Coupled Device) are installed on the measuring platform, the sectorial laser transmitter is used for transmitting sectorial planar laser perpendicular to the pavement of the lane, the sectorial planar laser is transversely tangent with the lane to form a cross-section laser marked line which stretches across white lines on two sides of the lane, a pavement laser marked line image acquisition device is formed by the planar array CCD and used for acquiring pavement laser marked line images, and a computer image acquisition and information processing system is arranged on the measuring trolley to send image acquisition control information and process the images so as to obtain a grid coordinate database by taking the white lines of the lane as the Y-axis. The detection method and the detection system provided by the invention utilize the white lines on the two sides of the lane and the laser for continuous measurement to form an orthogonal grid database, and the comprehensive detection on pavement technical indicators can be realized based on the orthogonal grid database.




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