Synergistic and stable ASA sizing agent emulsion stabilized by cooperation of hectorite and polyvinylpyrrolidone



The invention relates to an ASA sizing agent emulsion stabilized by cooperation of hectorite and polyvinylpyrrolidone, belonging to the technical field of emulsification of sizing agents for papermaking. On one hand, polyvinylpyrrolidone can initiate weak flocculation of hectorite, so that the hydrophilcity of hectorite particles is reduced, the affinity of ASA is improved, hectorite is promoted to be adsorbed to an ASA-water interface, and continuous granular membranes are formed at the peripheries of the ASA oil drops; on the other hand, polyvinylpyrrolidone can be directly adsorbed to the ASA-water interface and is arranged on the surfaces of the hectorite particle layer and the ASA oil drops in a coating manner to form a stable mechanical barrier, so that the ASA is effectively prevented from bleeding out of the coating layer, and the hydrolysis of ASA is prevented. Moreover, the mechanical barrier can be tightly combined with water, and aggregation among ASA droplets can be effectively avoided. Therefore, the stability of the ASA sizing agent stabilized by the cooperation of hectorite and polyvinylpyrrolidone is obviously improved.




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