Compound ceramic filter element with good wearproof adsorbing property and preparation method of filter element



The invention discloses a compound ceramic filter element with a good wearproof adsorbing property. The compound ceramic filter element is characterized by being prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 12-14 parts of kieselguhr, 9-11 parts of husk active carbon, 8-10 parts of cordierite, 2-3 parts of aluminum powder, 4-5 parts of silochrom, 10-12 parts of polyvinyl chloride powder, 1-2 parts of silicon carbide, 1-2 parts of ammonium molybdate, 3-4 parts of polyvinyl alcohol, 3-5 parts of palm fibers, 1-2 parts of silver nitrate, 5-7 parts of modifying coconut active charcoal, and the defined amount of water. The compound ceramic filter element provided by the invention has the advantages that the silicon carbide is added, so that the intensity and wearproof property of the filter element are improved; the palm fibers are added, so that the tenacity of the filter element is enhanced, meanwhile, the compound ceramic filter element has a porous property, and the filtering property is improved; the modifying coconut active charcoal is added, so that the gap structure is developed, the adsorbing property is good, the intensity is high, the regeneration is easy, and the compound ceramic filter element is economical and durable, is suitable for use in harsh environment and is capable of adsorbing hazardous gas and PM2.5 in the air.




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