Inverted high-voltage light-emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof



An inverted high-voltage light-emitting diode comprises an LED chip and a supporting substrate. The LED chip comprises a plurality of LED chip units, and each LED chip unit is welded to the supporting substrate in an inverted mode. Each LED chip unit comprises an n-type semiconductor layer, a p-type semiconductor layer, an active layer, a p electrode bonding pad and an n electrode bonding pad. The n electrode bonding pad comprises three electrified connected parts which are an n contact electrode part located on the surface of the n-type semiconductor layer, a connecting part located on the side wall of a table board and a welding part extending to the position above the p-type semiconductor layer, wherein only part of the side wall of the table board is covered with the connecting part, and the connecting part is electrically isolated from the side wall of the table board through an insulating layer; the welding part is electrically isolated from the p-type semiconductor layer and the p electrode bonding pad, and the welding part is used for being welded to the connected bonding pads on the supporting substrate. The inverted high-voltage light-emitting diode is used for solving the problem that in the inverted mounting process, because the contact area is small, the reliability is poor, and the utilization rate of an active area of the chip can be increased.




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